If its not fun, you're doing it wrong.


"Conor Doherty is essentially a polymath of all things creative; to list all of his skills would just evoke jealousy. We’ll just say that after years of serial dating many talents, Conor discovered the love of his life: photography. Now that he’s found it, you may find your meeting with him a bit like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch. His excitement and passion for all things photography is inescapably contagious, leaving you feeling like the world is your veritable oyster.

On set, Conor takes time to capture what is beautiful and important about the subject - the artistry of the fashion or the lines of a product - in a way that is consistent with a brand's identity. His vision for each shoot is clear, as is his vision for a collaborative, supportive industry. Clients and acquaintances alike agree that Conor has excelled in what he defines as success: 'If you're happy and you make people around you happy, then I'd say you're succeeding.'"


direct:   774-279-0606  conor@conordoherty.com

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Conor Doherty